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e to eat rabbits." Antworten

One day, a leopard who had not eaten for several days was looking for prey outside the dark forest. Suddenly, it was known that a tall horse ran past it, and the leopard looked at the horse and slobbered when he tried to eat, but the horse disappeared in a blink of an eye. Because the leopard was so hungry, he couldn't even pursue the chase, so he had to wait in place. After a while, the white and fat rabbit skipped slowly from his side, as if he did not put the leopard in his eyes. Why aren't you afraid of me? "The rabbit root didn't hear it, didn't look at it, and continued to dance slowly. Leopard felt very strange, and secretly followed him into the big forest. The leopard followed the rabbit to an old tree. There was a hole in the trunk. The hole was so surprising that it almost stunned the leopard. Because of the shock just now, the leopard was very scared of what was in the tree hole Carton Of Cigarettes. So he trailed the rabbit into the hole. As the leopard thought, the things inside really scared it: the high-rise buildings went straight to the top of the cave, and the teaching buildings were next to each other ... Rabbit City? ! While the leopard was observing here, he found a tall and large house with a board on the roof that read "Rabbit City Presidential Building". "Is there a city like" Rabbit City "? It's incredible!" The leopard said to himself, only to find out that the people here are rabbits. "Who are you?" There was a voice from behind the leopard. The leopard turned around and found a small robot hanging in the air Cheap Cigarettes, asking severely with handcuffs. Leopard had no choice but to tell her: "My name is Leopard, I live in Room 102, Building 25, Forest Community, male sex, and like to eat rabbits." The little robot told President Rabbit. President Rabbit is a rabbit who only likes games, and all games are particularly powerful. It found a leopard and wanted to compete with him Online Cigarettes. President Rabbit said: "I heard that you are very powerful, let's compare!" Leopard asked: "I'm not afraid of you, then what do you say?" , An old rabbit holding an air rifle ... Boom! ! With a sound, the leopard made a perfect jump. "You are fouled!" President Rabbit said: "Don't you know that you don't need to issue a gun for long jump? The gunshot just now just means the official start of the first round. The old rabbit said:" The first round ends, one to zero, President Rabbit This game wins. "At the beginning of the second game, President Rabbit won one game and was very proud. The old rabbit suddenly said:" President Rabbit did not jump because of the time, so he was disqualified! "This story tells us to be humble and not proud

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