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Brave is a light that Antworten

Brave is a light that illuminates the darkness Carton Of Cigarettes, it gives you encouragement; bravely gives me strength, gives me courage, gives me confidence, let me learn not to give up when I encounter difficulties, to overcome difficulties and to move forward. It was a day of summer vacation, my mother took me out to play Newport 100S, we followed the tour route in the scenic spot, all the way to watch, finally came to the last spot, take the cable bridge, a bridge above the artificial lake, a cable chain bridge The wooden board, the people walked on it, the wind blew, the bridge swayed, and the people on the top seemed to fall off the bridge. I watched my heart tremble and my legs shivered, my teeth trembled, my mother saw My fear, comforted: "If you are afraid, will we go around a long way?" "No, who is afraid, I am just worried about the people on the bridge, we don't want to detour, Just go straight to the bridge." I stubbornly said, and strode forward. I came to the bridge, just to take the first step, look down, wow, this is too dangerous, I will walk down and fall, and the bridge is so heavy. Weight? Will it break? I was thinking in my mind, my mother suddenly came over and patted me on the shoulder. I was shocked and complained: "Mom, what are you scaring me?" Who wants to scare you, obviously I shout You are so loud, you haven't heard it, I just shot you. "My mother said innocently, you still can't go Online Cigarettes, I am leaving. My mother said that she had gone over, hey, wait for me, I shouted, striding forward to chase my mother, my eyes looked everywhere, I had already walked over to the bridge, what to do, whether to continue or what, I When he was hesitant, my mother had already gone, shouting at me, hurrying over, I was about to cry, I was there, I didn��t know how to be good, and suddenly a story flashed in my mind. Crossing the Lugou Bridge, even if there is no wooden board on the bridge, the Eighth Route Army is brave enough to move forward, not afraid of difficulties, and will beat the devils. I didn't even dare to go with this little bridge. I was so timid, so I regrouped and looked up. I tried hard not to look down. Step by step, walking slowly like a snail. Finally, I came. At the end of the bridge, I suddenly hugged my mother in excitement. At the moment I enjoyed my joy, I defeated my fear and became brave.
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