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26.11.2019 08:16
The Chinese New Year Antworten

The Chinese New Year is like a stream of water, recalling the bits and pieces of the past, like the stars in the sky, the number is also unclear. There is only one thing, blooming in the long river of my memory, the fragrance is charming and refreshing. In June, it was in the midsummer, the sun was like a fire, and the sun father was constantly spraying the flame he had made himself, but he did not know that I was cursing him below! I know that I also screamed on the treetops and seemed to complain. That day, I really want to eat ice cream. If you don't eat it, you will feel dry and weak. Just stepping on the door, the hot sun will bake me, and there will be a feeling of being cooked. But for my beloved ice cream, I��m going out! I ran on the hot earth Wholesale Cigarettes, letting the sweat flow down, halfway through, and seeing a ragged middle-aged man who was rummaging in a trash can. I gradually slowed down and looked at him: the dress was not perfect, the unshaven Cigarettes Online, and the face was full of dirt. When I thought about going to buy ice cream, I took three steps and made two steps and flew to the supermarket. When I arrived at the supermarket, I was sweating and couldn't take a break. I quickly bought an ice cream. Quickly tearing open the package and throwing it away, I enjoyed the "life-saving straw" that I dreamed of. At this time, the middle-aged man who just happened did not know when it appeared in front of me. I glanced, thinking: How is he? Will it be here? Is it to ask me for ice cream? I couldn't help but step back, but he walked straight to me. Obviously, he didn't ask me, but slowly bent down, smashed the wrapping paper I threw on the floor, limped to the trash can and threw it in. Seeing this scene, I couldn't help but bow my head, blushing and quickly fleeing his sight. On the way home, I walked slowly, looking around, inadvertently seeing some rubbish on the lawn, the figure of the middle-aged man came to my eyes, I ran quickly, picked up the garbage and threw it into it. The trash can, suddenly, relieved. Yes, our global environment is getting worse. As citizens, we must love my home! Earth: Please put that fragrance into action! Let it be the fragrance of the sun that shines forever in the heart, and a flower blooms in my heart - civilization. Although it does not have the brilliance of roses Newport 100S, nor the toughness of the grass, it is fascinating and fascinating.

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