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Red Finger" is a Antworten

Red Finger" is a reasoning novel by Japanese writer Keigo Higashino. It mainly tells the story of a son killing, and an old mother who was demented by his parents in order to cover up their crimes. Her husband Zhaofu, as the head of the family, should mediate the conflicts in the family. But as a temporary comfort, I kept running away: in order not to burn the "war" between my mother-in-law and my wife and son home Newport Cigarettes Coupons, so that my mother could not see my grandson for seven years; in order not to be bombarded by my wife, I was suffering from dementia He left the burden of caring for his father to his mother and sister regardless of asking; he did n��t know that the responsibility of educating his children was placed on his wife, his son was bullied at school, was addicted to games and even had pedophilia. He is also a coward. Zhaofu's escape makes this family torn apart. The wife Yaeko is a selfish and indifferent person. She often complains about her parents-in-law and is very disgusted with her mother-in-law's advice on parenting. She is unwilling to take care of the elderly and is not as indifferent as a family. She also often complains to her husband, Zhaofu can only shut up and listen, never openly refute At the same time, she also spoiled her son, always instilling in her son the idea that "whatever you do, your mother will support you Online Cigarettes." When the husband raised the alarm, she stunned and said, "No matter what he does Parliament Cigarettes, I always stand On his side, "Please let him go." I think Yaeko is not a good wife, or even a good mother. He did not discipline his children well, and made the family suffocating. His son is already an adolescent. He was selfish, indifferent, and also very pitiful. He was not loved by his father when he was a child, and was isolated in school. The phrase "if there is a friend who can push his heart, there will be no current thing" makes me deeply Feeling the loneliness and helplessness. But this cannot be the reason for killing the young girl! After the killing, he put the body in the living room and returned to the room to play games. Waiting for his parents to come back to clean up the mess, there was no guilt at all. When questioned by the police, he just said, "It's all bad for the parents." I don't know what the responsibility is. To this end, I am very angry, such a scum is almost unhelpful . The mother Zhenghui pretended to be demented just to escape the reality of loneliness. After discovering her son's mistakes, she hinted at the son many times, but the son did not understand the mother's painstaking effort and made mistakes again and again. Has become the group that needs the most care but is the easiest to be ignored; doting the only child is also a big problem. "Red Finger" is actually a microcosm of society, reflecting the family problems that deserve our reflection.
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