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24.12.2019 07:23
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This summer, I read the well-known work "The Complete Biography of Girl Jiamei" by the great writer Qin Wenjun. This book writes thirty touching, interesting and colorful growing lives of Jia Mei from the first day to the end of the second day. I read from the book that Jia Mei is a very ordinary girl, but she has many dreams in her heart, such as being a star in an art troupe; making herself more beautiful, smarter, more gentle and pleasant. and many more Marlboro Red. In short, she has long been eager to be the kind of wonderful girl who is praised. Of these thirty stories, the one that impressed me the most, and the one that felt the most was the one between Mother and Daughter. It is mainly about: Dad asked her to make three dishes and one soup in order to test Jia Mei. Jia Mei concealed her father and begged her mother to help her. They lied to Jia Mei's father. Unexpectedly, the unsuspecting dad actually boarded Jiamei's cooking on the Youth Daily. Moreover, there are reporters to interview. So Jia Mei went to her mother for help, but her mother forgot about it on the day of the interview. In desperation, she had to burn four "dislikes" indiscriminately. This made Jia Mei's face ashamed. But it is also a first step towards success. In this story, Jia Mei made this joke for laziness. Although I haven't made mistakes like Jamie in real life, we still have to be diligent. We can do what we can for parents. For example: washing dishes, stacking clothes, drying clothes, etc. When I washed the dishes for the first time, because the detergent was too much, I accidentally slipped my hands and said Wholesale Cigarettes, "Bang" the bowl so I broke it. I was taken aback. Turning up the dishes was not so easy. When I want to give up, I think of Jia Mei, I thought: I can't ask my mother for help as easily as Jia Mei; I should try it myself. After learning from the previous lesson Newport 100S, I squeezed the appropriate dishwashing liquid, rubbed the bowl, and rinsed it with water. Later I became more and more proficient. Whenever I help my mother wash the dishes, I can always hear my parents praise me. At that time, all the fatigue in me was gone, replaced by a sense of pride. We cannot always rely on the help of our parents. We should be more diligent, be able to solve things ourselves, do some housework within our ability, and help parents to share some fatigue. This is what this story tells me
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